Bamboo Pendant Light

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If you are looking for whimsical chandeliers, how about this Bamboo pendant light from GioGio Designs?  Offered in 4 designs, all have the dimensions to make them perfect for a foyer or as the centerpiece in the living or dining room.  The pieces of these lamps are shipped with instructions to easily put them together without fasteners (instructions included - it's fun and simple!). Each is made from eco-friendly bamboo with an amber linseed oil finish.  Each comes with a 15' white fabric cord preset with a plug and ceiling screw hooks.  Takes a maximum single 60-watt bulb.  Note the price discount for orders of more than 1.


Mushroom:  11" diam x 9"h

Blossom:  12" diam x 9"h

Globe:  11" diam x  10"h

Orb:  16" diam x 9"h

About the Artisan:  Jessica Giovachino has used her degree and experience as an Architect to build a successful business designing and making unique jewelry and home décor pieces.  Her mission statement: Why should the things we use every day be boring? With that in mind, GioGio Design produces cool and smart products that are functional, fun, and eye-catching.  Always eco-conscious, all of the wood home accessories by GioGio Design are made of bamboo and designed in individual pieces that slot together without the need for fasteners. Putting them together like a 3d puzzle is part of the fun! This also allows them to ship them flat-packed, and is great for storage when you are not using the item. Each product comes with assembly & care instructions. 

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Mushroom Pendant Light
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