​Adding Depth to Monochromatic Rooms

Jul 20th 2019

When you see monochromatic (one-color) designs in home décor magazines, it never looks dull. Somehow the designers have a way of elevating the single color, and in so doing they create depth and in … read more

Does it matter if you decorate your home?

Jul 11th 2019

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Hoarders, then you know that people who appear fairly normal can be a mess when it comes to their personal life. How some of these people keep jobs is a mystery, but … read more

​How Everyday Items Become Décor

Jul 7th 2019

Wall art is interesting because there are unspoken rules about what you can and cannot hang on the wall, but breaking those rules creates a new type of art. What used to be only framed paintings, ph … read more

​Out of the Norm: Adding Interest to Décor

Jun 26th 2019

In 2019, home décor is going through many trends that are predictable. Color, texture, and pattern trends recycle over the years, and what is classic and contemporary usually has an expected juxtapo … read more

​Don’t Show Off Your Television

Jun 23rd 2019

A television should not be the center of a room, but with the size of televisions increasingly being over 50 inches, they have become quite the fixture of any room. The bedroom is no longer bl … read more
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