​What is biophilia? Is it a new decorating trend?

Feb 16th 2019

Biophilia has always had a place in interior design regardless of whether or not the term was known. It is the preference that most humans have for life and nature. It is the gravitation toward item … read more

5 Ways to ​Bring the Beach Home

Feb 9th 2019

When visiting the coast, especially in a BNB or bed-and-breakfast, you often run across nautical themed décor and seascape designs. There are seashells on the bathroom wallpaper and anchors on the … read more

Furniture balance and lines

Feb 1st 2019

When you first move in to a new home, you place the furniture where you see fit. As time wears on, you probably rearrange. Maybe you have a strategy, or maybe you don’t. Maybe it just feels right. If … read more

​Keep happy décor while decluttering Marie Kondo style

Jan 24th 2019

If spring cleaning has entered your internet searches in 2019, then there is no way you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo. She is the queen of decluttering, and she makes it fun!Marie Kondo is the cutest … read more

​Decorating for Spring with Dark Wood

Jan 19th 2019

When it is the dead of winter, and you start looking around your home, things may seem dreary. Following the holidays, things tend to get a bit boring, and décor may suffer. At the first sign of spr … read more
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