​Spring Gift Ideas to Get Rid of the Winter Doldrums

Dec 9th 2018

After the excitement and joy of Christmas and the New Year, there will be…more months of winter. It seems okay at first. People kind of need a break after the hubbub of holiday events. Yet, these mo … read more

Color Makes all the Difference

Dec 1st 2018

When deciding how to decorate your home, color is a major part of the mood you will create. While you may want to create some peaceful settings, you will also likely want some rooms that are energet … read more

5 Ways to Make Your Christmas Tree a Unique Beauty

Nov 23rd 2018

1. Put it in a basket!I’m sure you’ve seen almost every type of Christmas basket. Baskets for cookies, poinsettias, and other Christmas paraphernalia are a norm. But what about putting your tree in … read more

Housewarming Traditions

Nov 17th 2018

When a person buys a new home, it is tradition to have a housewarming party. The homeowner dresses up the home complete with tasty treats and drinks, and everyone compliments him or her on the choic … read more

6 Wedding Gifts That Keep on Giving

Nov 9th 2018

Marriage is often coupled with creating a home, and even for people who lived together for years prior to marriage, the big day cements it somehow. Nesting is not just for new moms, and wedding gift … read more
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