Three Ways to Get Pictures on the Wall

Oct 15th 2018

A room is not complete without at least one family photo or hand-picked piece of artwork to hang on the wall. However, pictures and art pieces do not have to be hung on the wall via a hammer-and-nai … read more

Using Negative Space in Home Décor

Oct 12th 2018

                                                        &nbs … read more

7 Steps to Finding the Right Rug from Function to Fashion

Oct 2nd 2018

There are many reasons to purchase a rug for the home. Maybe the wood, concrete, or other hard-surfaced floors look barren without the space being broken up by something. In the case of hard floors, … read more

Decorating for Workplace Identity

Sep 26th 2018

If you have your own workstation or office, then it is likely decorated with some photographs of family or photos from a recent vacation. If not, then there’s something, maybe a vase filled with fre … read more
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