​4th of July Party Theme Ideas

Jun 11th 2019

Americans come together on the 4th of July to celebrate Independence Day, and it is a day for barbecues, flags, and fireworks. For the host or hostess of these celebrations, it is also a time for cr … read more

​Coral is Back

Jun 5th 2019

If you look up color trends of the decade, you’ll see a lot about Millennial Pink. It was the almost-magical, pink color of bubblegum and being surrounded by it was like living in a world of unicorn … read more

​Don’t Forget to Dust Your Décor

May 31st 2019

Busy lives rarely have time for decorating, so once décor is chosen, it often remains décor for a while. There is nothing wrong with long-term décor! Not everything needs to be changed all the time … read more

​2019 Kitchen Decorating Trends

May 22nd 2019

Your kitchen is the center of the home, and it is often where people cook, eat, and hang out together. It may be the location for family and friend time, and for some reason (probably food), people … read more

​Creating a Comfortable Guestroom

May 16th 2019

Creating the perfect décor for a guestroom is a challenge because you don’t want your visitors to feel like they are in a hotel room. You also want the room to seem unoccupied, so guests don’t feel … read more
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