​Serving Boards with Class

Apr 18th 2019

We all have well-used cutting boards. Those that have withstood our best and our worst knives, and they bear the marks of their torture. They may be flexible plastic or durable wood, but they are n … read more

​Why Still Life is the Perfect Art for the Home

Apr 12th 2019

Still life paintings have been around since the beginning of civilization, and they have continued into modern times with major changes throughout time. For example, they were primarily religious p … read more

​5 Options for Ugly Stairs

Apr 1st 2019

Most of us have had a set of ugly stairs. They are typically hidden outside of the kitchen or by the back door. They lurk out of sight, but not out of mind.Home design magazines and Pinterest boast … read more

​Top Ten Decorating Mistakes in the Bedroom

Mar 25th 2019

You may not think about your bedroom as a primary focus for decor, but these 10 decorating mistakes can really disrupt your segue into sleep. Top Ten Decorating Mistakes in the Bedroom1. Leaving … read more

​One Little Change

Mar 18th 2019

Now that it is Daylight Savings,  you are probably going to feel the decorating itch. What is the decorating itch? It is that overwhelming urge to start over and begin anew. Your living room see … read more
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