Bride and Groom Brandy Snifters

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For a pair of brandy conoisseurs, there will always be a smile when reminiscing with this set of snifters.  Whimsical details such as the Swarofski crystal necklace and the Armani-inspired tux make this set a great gift for the bride and groom, or for the wedding party members.  Price is for a pair. Designed and crafted by another special American artisan.

Dimensions : 5” h

About the Artisan : Since 1996, Kathryn Gooding has been designing and creating barware that always gets smiles and a second look.  She left a career in finance and taught herself sandblasting techniques that she uses to design whimsical, humorous, and wonderfully unique barware.  Today she employs a small group of artists in San Francisco, California, who hand-decorate glasses, pitchers and ice buckets to her specifications.  Several series have become best sellers over the years – from the Bride & Groom set especially for the wedding couple, to the Faces series with details such as colorful earrings or bow ties, to the Zipper series – frosted glasses with a real zipper tab embedded in them.  Other designs are available, and new ones are created regularly.  Cheers !

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Bride and Groom Brandy Snifter Set
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