Cannister Set 3 piece

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If you have a wedding, shower, or housewarming coming up, you can’t go wrong with our 3-piece Cannister Set by Allan Ditton Pottery of Altamont, NY.  Every kitchen counter needs storage for flour, sugar, and tea.  Designed in the Round Squared shape like the lamp of the same name, these cannisters appear generally round, but the bases are slightly squared off.  Choose any of our 5 primary colors, using lead-free glazes.  As always, these pieces are dishwasher and food-safe.  Match with the Utensil Keeper and/or a set of mugs for the perfect pop of color in the kitchen.

Dimensions:  S: 7.5” diam x 9.5”h  /  M:  8” diam x 10.5”h  /  L:  8.5” diam x 11.5”h

About the Artisan:  For over 20 years, Allan Ditton has been creating fine, functional stoneware pottery with lively colors and designs.  He graduated from Alfred University, and in 1995 started his pottery business in the basement of his parents’ house.  He now works from his own studio in Altamont, NY, and employs 2 assistants.  All of Allan Ditton’s pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe, and of course, water tight and food-safe. Handmade pottery is safe for the oven provided you heat up the vessel while you are preheating the oven.  Each piece is hand-dipped and fired using lead-free glazes, so no two pieces are exactly alike. 

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