Desk Top Series Clock

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David Scherer’s Desk Top clocks are mixed media acrylic table clocks with a triangular base set on 3 marbles. The body and face are in your choice of bright contemporary colors and a pendulum to set it off.  Operates on one AA battery (not included). Your 20-something friend or relative will love one of these for their first apartment. 

Dimensions:  8”w x 14”h x 8”d (approx.)

About the Artisan:  David Scherer, of Madison Heights, Michigan, has been an accomplished contemporary artist and maker of “very cool” clocks for over 30 years.  David designs and creates both table and wall clocks in a dizzying array of shapes, colors, and in various media and textures.  In addition to the whimsical clocks that are shown here, David is also a 3-D artist whose colorful contemporary work is found all over the world. We are proud to offer a sampling of his artwork here in our store, and can work with the artist if you are interested in any of David’s other clocks.

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