Glass Table Lamp

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A blown boro glass shade draws all the attention, mounted on a minimalist black metal base.   The shade comes in your choice of multi-colored pattern:  raked, striped, or swirled, and you may also add a special touch by adding a cute glass bird perched on the rim.  Handmade, so no two are exactly alike.  If you are thinking of flanking your sofa with a pair of these unique lamps, note that we offer a discount for purchases of 2 or more.  Read more about boro glass below.

Dimensions:  22”h x 7”d shade  (approx.)

About the Artisan:  Jim Loewer of Philadelphia, PA, has been a glass artist and teacher for over 14 years.  He makes both decorative and functional glass works such as his award-winning Water Drop Bowl, and various tumbler sets, vases, and lighting fixtures.  All of Jim’s work is borosilicate (boro) glass, which is the glass used in Pyrex kitchenware.  It is stronger and lighter than regular soft glass used in most windows, drinking glasses and art pieces.  And unlike regular silicate glass, boro glass is resistant to temperature change because it does not expand and contract.  In addition to creating visually stunning pieces, Jim loves to teach his trade to others, and regularly holds classes in his studio in North Philadelphia.  

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Glass Table Lamp - raked multi pattern
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