Granite Coasters Set

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These reclaimed granite coasters are handmade with a special process that leaves them silky smooth. Their unique thickness and sturdy build ensure that these coasters will never stick to your glass, and they make a beautiful contemporary statement on your side table. The fine crafted solid hardwood Caddy makes it easy to carry the set of 4 coasters with one hand. Both Coasters and Caddy are finished with soft feet to protect surfaces. Each set contains 4 different colors to make it easy for your guests to identify their drink.

About the Artisans: Arra David and Anne Johnson have long revered the treasures of New England’s forests and seacoast. Working with stone calls for custom fixtures and techniques and Arra puts his skills as an engineer and furniture maker to use in the Sea Stones business. Anne is an artist with a keen eye for balance and harmony. Together, they strive to stay true to a “green” philosophy, and do so in many ways.

When they collect a stone they make sure there is a replacement for future generations. So they purchase stones from a quarry and for each stone they harvest they “plant” a new stone in the water, so that over time the sharp edges will erode. They salvage granite countertop remnants, otherwise bound for the landfill, from local fabricators to create all of their polished stone work. Also they source hardwoods from sawyers who support the Forest Stewardship Council, and they eliminate plastic as a component in all of their products.

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Granite Coasters Set
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