Preening Pintail Decoy

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Carved from pine and realistically painted, this beautiful decoy by folk artist K. William Kautz will find a prominent place in your home.  Native to the cooler areas of North America, the Northern Pintail duck migrates in the winter, and is known for its elongated central tail feathers.

Please note the measurements of this piece, below.

Dimensions :  19w x 8h x 9d


About the artist:  Will Kautz of Hartland, Vermont began wood carving during law school.  After 10 years working with victims of domestic violence, he turned to creating folk art full time.  He creates pieces evocative of a previous century, from decoys to weathervanes, whirligig toys, and intricate models.  His work has been displayed at prominent American museums and has been named by Early American Homes in its Directory of Best Traditional Craftsmen.

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Preening Pintail Decoy
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