Sekoya Shelf

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Create your own original piece of art by choosing among all of the options available to you with the Sekoya Shelf. The support is made of iron and can be crafted to face either left or right. Then choose from either a multi-hued slate or 1” thick kiln-formed glass in a sage green tone. Inside the glass are air bubbles that will reflect the light, and the edges are smooth to the touch. Choose also from 4 sizes ranging from 16” long to 36” long. Finally, these shelves are available with what the artists call a “riverbed”, which is the placing of pebbles between two pieces of slate or glass, making the piece evocative of a dry river bed.

Dimensions: 16L x 11W x 8H; 23L x 11W x 20H; 30L x 10W x 20H; 36L x 9W x 21H

About the Artisans: Luis Marquez creates each piece by hand at his studio in Pflugerville, Texas. Each design is inspired by nature, brought to life with superior craftsmanship.  

Born in Colombia in 1967, Luis discovered the passion for sculpting after working with different artists for many years, learning various techniques such as melting and shaping iron and fusing glass. He continues to develop his skill by immersing himself in the art world, constantly stretching his mind by working with talented artists and designers in order to create new and exciting pieces.

Hand-forged, hand-bent iron comes to life with recycled glass fused in Luis's kiln to create organic functional art pieces with clean lines that will last a lifetime. His exquisite candle holders come with pure beeswax candles, making them the perfect gift for any occasion. Lamps are made with natural materials such bamboo, cedar and thatch, as well as hammered copper. Loren makes all of the lampshades from beautiful handmade papers They incorporate whimsical touches such as little nests, or pebbles, to perfectly complete these unique and whimsical pieces.

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