Treat Tuesday

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When a co-worker brought in a box of donuts, artistic inspiration was born.  Does a box of donuts make you smile?  If so, place this whimsical painting where you can see it every day.  NOTE:  This is an original painting - only 1 is available.

Dimensions : 24w x 18h (with frame)

Medium : Acrylic on Canvas

Frame : Comes framed in a black metal canvas floater

About the Artist :  Dale Hoffmeyer's internal creative drive has always been very real to him, but a "be responsible" and "nose to the grindstone" credo kept this passion, until recently, from burgeoning into something more than a beloved hobby.  The wonderful stirring in midlife of another voice - a call to truly "live one's dream" - begged to be answered and thus the artist within emerged and his artistic endeavors took wing.

In 2013, Dale, of Falls Church, Virginia, joined the Art League of Alexandria, Virginia with a goal of being recognized in a juried exhibit.  His first selected piece was "Hirshhorn", a watercolor displayed in the November 2013 Small Works exhibit. More recently "Treat Tuesday", an acrylic on canvas, was accepted for the April 2015 All-Media exhibit and awarded an Honorable Mention.

Ships within a few days.
"Treat Tuesday" by Dale Hoffmeyer
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